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Portaventura opens new attractions

Portaventura opens new attractionsPortaventura in a summer season of 2013 presented to tourists the outstanding project – new attractions in the aquapark "Costa Karibe". This supernovelty will be a part of global strategy of development of Portaventura, and her main goal is development and resort formation, as independent direction for rest and tourism of the European families.

Such concept found reflection and in the updated name of an aquapark. This project (for the last three years) was financed in volume of 70 million euros that is the greatest investments among the resorts of Europe of similar level.

Aquapark "Costa Karibe" begins a season-2013 in absolutely new scale: in the aquapark territory in the area of 14 thousand sq.m new rather record attraction – the highest in Europe King Khajuna avkagorka was built.

The Spanish women’s team took part in opening of an aquapark on synchronized swimming, girls in the pool of an aquapark presented one of the best choreographic numbers. Also sinkhronistka became first official "passengers" of an extreme akvagorka.

Among aquapark novelties the season superstar, the highest in Europe water descent (tobogan) with свободнымо falling King Kakhuna. He throws down a challenge only to the most brave and courageous, its height makes about 31 m, it is equal to height of 12 floor buildings. Wishing to try to sweep on this waterslide get on dizzy descent with a corner 55? and speed of 6 m/s. Undoubtedly, going for a drive on this attraction bright and unique feelings wait.