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Majorca becomes the resort without alcohol

Majorca becomes the resort without alcoholThe government of Balearic Islands together with Palm tree de Mayorka’s city hall plan to impose an absolute ban on drinking of alcoholic beverages on плажах Majorca. The ban will be entered according to new strategy of a rebreding of the resort and search of new target audience among tourists.

In particular, on Palm tree de Mayorka’s city beach, except a 24-hour ban on alcohol in all territory of the beach, all hotels along the line of the sea will be transformed in 4-and 5-stars. In such a way, the Palm tree plans to turn into the elite resort for well-founded tourists.

The deputy mayor of the city, Alvaro Hikhon (Alvaro Gijon) told that Balearsky beaches will cease to be alcoholic paradise for моложеди. «Alcoholic tourism gets out of fashion. If people want to get drunk, they should go on discos, instead of on a beach" – the deputy mayor told.