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In Almeria will construct luxury hotel for gays

In Almeria will construct luxury hotel for gaysThe government of Andalusia and the Ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and environmental protections of an autonomy supported the construction project of the first hotel in the province Almeria, intended for homosexuals. The idea of creation of such hotel proceeds from the Rainbow Experience company which plans to carry out the project in the small town Kankhayar (Canjayar).

The hotel will consist of three independent cottages, with the general capacity to 20 people, and a state muddy yard where will offer local dishes the provinces prepared from regional products. According to the project, the complex will settle down on a site in the size of 17.121 square meters in Barranco de Alcora territory in one kilometer from Kankhayar’s center.

The government of Andalusia will resolve the project and will give out 50-year concession on the earth provided that construction will begin within 15 months from the moment of permission delivery.

Creation of an institution of the class "luxury" for the provided and rich clients will be the main idea of this project. First of all the hotel will be calculated for clients gays, but can accept tourists of any orientations which have bought permits to Spain or decided to visit Andalusia.

Each apartments will be constructed with state muddy, a bathroom with a hydromassage and kitchen. Besides, it is planned to construct a sports complex with a gym and small astronomical observatory. The state muddy yard, or restaurant, will be constructed in style of traditional architecture of Andalusia. And in kitchen and dishes what products from nearby farms will be used, mainly.