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will renew flights to Kiev VuelingLaw-kost from Spain Vueling plans to renew a route Kiev-Barcelona, interrupted in September, and even to finish frequency of flights to four in a week.

The Spanish airline will carry out already some first flights in December and January, during time a New Year’s season of transportations, and regular flights will renew since April 2, 2014.

Flights will be carried out from Zhulyana’s airport (Kiev) in 08:30 mornings every Wednesday and Saturday, and from barselonky Eot Prat departures will be on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23:55. In June it is planned to increase frequency of flights to three in a week (additional flight to Saturday from Barcelona, on Sunday from Kiev), and in July 2014 — to four in a week (additional flight to Sunday/Monday). Thus time of departures will remain.

After a summer season of Vueling will reduce number of flights to three, and in October planes will fly two times a week.
Cost of tickets will be "Law not so-kostovsky". Tourists should pay from 250 to 400 euros for flight in both parties. So, the cheapest one way ticket (from Barcelona to Kiev) costs on April 8 at present 109 euros.