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The New Years prices for numbers in hotels grew by 57 %

The New Years prices for numbers in hotels grew by 57 %On the average the price for number in hotel on New Year’s Eve grew this year by 50 % in comparison with the prices during a usual tourist season. In the capital of Spain of the price increased by 41 % and make about 103 euros.

The majority of the Spanish tourists want to meet new 2013 in the Madrid hotels. The second for popularity became Barcelona, and after it go Granada, Benidorm and Paris. These five directions fallen in love to travelers "pleased" with a rise in prices for numbers on New Year’s Eve.

The most "snappish" prices appeared in Benidorma where to have a rest in recent weeks 2012 it was possible for 99 euros in a night, and the New Year’s Eve will manage already 155 euros in a night.


From all five of the popular directions for Spaniards – Paris wins first place on a price level. If you buy last-minute tours to Paris, on the average, the price for number in the capital of France for the main holiday of year will make 211 euros.

In Barcelona it is possible to have a rest for 145 euros, and it for 54 % more than usually. The prices in Granada, but also here growth of cost of numbers considerable (the whole 40 %) most less increased. On the average the New Year’s Eve costs 93 euros.