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Miracles of Russian tourism in Spain

Miracles of Russian tourism in SpainFlow of foreign tourists to Spain and dynamics of their expenses during the whole year only increased. The country, for several months, noted that a certain group of vacationers (the Russian tourists appeared them) broke all conceivable records. From January to November of last year Spain was visited for 42 % by more Russian tourists, than for the similar period of 2011.

Such growth became possible thanks to the low prices for rounds. Also, the role was played by cheap air tickets. So, from Moscow to Barcelona it is possible to fly for 99 euros, having used services of the Spanish Vueling.

And still, in Spain each Russian traveler spent in 2 times more money, than the average traveler from any other country. This powerful phenomenon still is “small miracle” tourist sector of Spain because, for example, nearly 13 vacationers are the share of each tourist from Russia from Great Britain.
As reports the Ministry of the industry, power and tourism, Spain from January to November, 2012 was visited by 1,17 million Russian vacationers. This figure exceeded similar data of all 2011, it twice more than the registered level of tourists from Russia of 2010. And in comparison with indicators of 2007 – four times.