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Tourists can pass in Spain on «a death route»

Tourists can pass in Spain on «a death route»In municipality to Monturka that is located in the south of the province Cordoba, will pass the Mundamortis festival devoted to death. It will pass from October 31 to November 3

The purpose of this festival – revival of traditions of celebration of All Saints’ Day. Moreover, at a festival the new unusual tourist route on the European cemeteries will be advertized. By the way, this action is carried out already the fourth time. Organizers consider that cemeteries are a part of a cultural heritage of mankind, and therefore they are necessary for protecting.

Night excursions to the local cemeteries entering into the Route on the European cemeteries (Ruta Europea de Cementerios Singulares) become an important part of a festival. Besides, participants can visit a master class on manufacturing of traditional lamps from melons and visit competition of porridges.

The festival is not only night excursions, but also various film screenings, conferences, concerts and theatrical performances. So, the theatrical group Somnus de Almedinilla will act with performance «Funeral Roman ritual and a banquet» which "will revive" ritual of funeral of the Roman citizen.

Tourists can see a unique monument of a cemetery San Raphael. Underground Roman reservoirs are about 2 000 years old.