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In Galicia the season of a lamprey

began In Galicia the season of a lampreyThe Spanish independent community Galicia settles down in the northwest of Spain. Every year in winter months and till April there is a migration of lampreys (la Lamprea) to the rivers to fresh water where them catch. Fish possesses the unusual meat of dark color sated with taste and a peculiar structure of meat.

It is possible to prepare lampreys a large number of ways – applying for this purpose own blood of this fish, with wine and onions, on a grill or filling fish. During a season of migration of a lamprey she moves in all as a little appreciable restaurants of the region.

The galician kitchen began to be a success in Madrid where too suggest to regale on lampreys. In the capital dish cost with a lamprey fluctuates from 30 to 80 euros and even more that depends on the size of the caught copy of a lamprey that for the average Spaniard very expensively.