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On Balearic Islands will collect penalties for a damage put to ecology yachts.

On Balearic Islands will collect penalties for a damage put to ecology yachts.Boats and boats which walk on Balearic Islands will watch more strictly and штафавать for the sum from 100 to 450.000 euros if they cause a damage to a water ecosystem.

Sea vegetation in these waters lately it was reduced approximately by 30-40 % according to the report of council of environment. Such situation is caused by negligent attitude of skippers and the personnel of yachts. The first that badly influences a situation it is descent of anchors in places where it is forbidden, the second this pollution of water by combustive-lubricating materials.

Law enforcement agencies current week start to patrol the territory of a coastal zone of islands on several boats, at detection of violations they will write out penalties. Easy violations will be assessed with a penalty at the rate from 100 to 6.000 euros, heavier violations will pull on a penalty from 6.000 to 100.000 euros, the most malicious violators will be punished by a penalty to 450.000 euros (for example if will occur razlity fuels in the water area of the protected territory). The special attention will be given to the archipelago area where grows to 400 types of algas and plants and about 1.000 live organisms live.

The territory which will be protected, settles down from coast Ses Salines in the south to Ibiza to national park Cabrera, a bay Alkudiya and Polensa in the north of Majorca, as a bay the Palm tree.