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Foreign tourists in Madrid spend 167 euros a day

Foreign tourists in Madrid spend 167 euros a dayAccording to the research which has been carried out by the Ministry of the industry, power and tourism, in June in Madrid the highest daily expense on each foreign tourist is fixed. In the capital of Spain tourists spend 167 euros a day that for 56 euros more than an expense of tourists on the average on the country which makes 111 euros.

As it is reported that daily currency receipts in Catalonia made 131 euro for the person, on the Canary Islands – 107 euros and in Andalusia – 98 euros.

The cumulative income in Madrid from each tourist too raised and made 1.310 euros. It is reported as that 412.460 tourists who have visited Madrid in June, 2012, 536 million euros spent that for 15 % it is more in comparison with on the average across Spain.
In the first half of year the income of tourists in Madrid made 2 billion 564 million euros that for 17 % there is more than average on the country! In the first half of year, Madrid 2млн 25 thousand foreigners visited in total, it for 13,4 % more than in 2011. According to Egatur report, as a whole in Spain foreign tourists left 23 billion 644 million euros that for 5,6 % in comparison with the similar period of 2011.