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Collecting the airports of Spain will increase

Collecting the airports of Spain will increaseSince June 1 of this year collecting at the airports of Spain will raise. This news the company «The Spanish airports and air navigation» reported (AENA). The increase in duties will concern all airports of the country, but the biggest rise in prices will be at the airport of Barcelona «Ale Prat» (for 22,08 %), and in Madrid "Barakhas" (for 17,05 %).

On the average the prices across Spain will grow by 10,2 %. The company management considers that collecting at the airports of Spain is much lower, than on the average across Europe (for 43,5 %).

For example, for the plane on 115 passengers, the carrier should pay about 1.800 euros at the airport of Madrid or Barcelona. For comparison similar planes take the airports of London or Amsterdam almost for 4.760 euros and when flight international, the sum makes nearly 2.200 euros in Spain and nearly 8.900 euros in other European capitals.


If you came on a site of tour operator, considering last-minute tours to Spain, and found suitable, take an interest about, whether collecting was mutilated. It will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

As a rule, the price of the ticket is the sum of a tariff and collecting (dachshunds). The tariff allows to pay airline work, and rates – airport work. Dachshunds or aero tailors collecting include service cost. The tariff price directly depends on that class which you choose: the first, business, house-keeper. Within each class the ticket price also varies. The price policy depends on additional conditions of a tariff. Whether it will be possible to change time of a departure or date in already acquired ticket, whether will return an overall cost or a part of a tariff at return.