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Any tourist in Asturias

can become the miner, the shepherd and the gold digger Any tourist in AsturiasAsturias can become soon a place where to tourists except habitual rounds and excursions will suggest to get acquainted also with history and culture of the region in the unusual way.


So, for example, any wishing can become for days the shepherd cutting sheep, the miner working in a coal mine, or the gold digger who is looking for a gold crumb in the river Navelgas. Besides, it will be possible to see the eyes how do сидр, and to test as the cook of national desserts. Organizers think that such form of rest will involve families with children.

After the tourist tests in one of these roles, to it will suggest to continue the cultural program and to visit museums. So, that who chose for itself(himself) a role of the miner, the museum of the mining industry will organize a trip in historical places. Where tourists will see, how there was a development from times of the steam engine before modern industrialization. And сидра And Museo de la Sidra will tell to admirers about history and ways of manufacturing of this traditional asturiysky drink.
Besides in Asturias there is a Cave of caves where on walls copies of rock paintings of age from 10 000 to 30 000 years are put. If the ecology and power are interesting to you, it is necessary to glance in a Natural History Museum where it is possible to study a principle of operation of hydraulic turbines, wind-driven generators and solar batteries.

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