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Why Spain call the coast of rabbits?

Whether Why Spain call the coast of rabbits?it is possible to sit behind the same little table behind which drank coffee Picasso? Whether it is dangerous to come nearer to the damned house in the Jewish quarter in Barcelona? Where to try the most tasty pases амб томакет, пататас Bravas or крокетас?

Best of all these questions will be answered by locals. And how with them to get acquainted to tourists from Russia?

The portal for independent travelers in the spring of this year started the new project By means of this platform any person can share with visitors the interests and hobbies, having arranged walk on the city and having told about all the most unusual in local culture.

In Barcelona Tripster already has some offers Enrik and Maria invite to go to voyage and, rocking on waves in freshness and a cool, to take pleasure in evening views of Barcelona, beauty of fantastic port, a panorama of the lived and thrown ships. Jeanne suggests to try all local delicacies in high-calorie gastronomic round. And sweet teeth for certain will like Julia’s proposal to walk on the oldest candy stores of the Catalan capital.

Can be to you too to eat than share about the city and its culture? If to you is to that to teach other people and you are ready to share the interests — join. For this purpose it is enough to be registered on a site and to describe the idea, Tripster will contact you and will help to issue action.

? Bienvenido!