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At Shakira and Gerard Pique the second child

was born At Shakira and Gerard Pique the second childSinger Shakira gave rise to the defender of "Barcelona" Gerard Pique (Gerard Pique) of the second son. The boy was born around 23:00 in private clinic of Quiron Tecknon in Barcelona.

According to the Spanish journalists to protect Shakira from curious eyes Gerard reserved in hospital the whole floor. The second child of the 37-year-old singer was born by Cesarean section, procedure passed without complications, and now happy mother and her newborn son feel well.
Shakir’s what name and Dive will give for the second son while precisely it is not known. Sources close to pair reported that before birth of the kid his parents said that name him Sascha or Andrea.
To the first child of the 37-year-old singer and the 27-year-old football player two years were executed. The boy by name of Milan Mebarak Pique (Mebarak — a surname of mother), was born in January, 2013.