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Spain – the most friendly country for tourists

Spain - the most friendly country for touristsRecently, during the taken place World economic forum the statement was made that Spain is the most friendly to the tourists. It is really good news to the country, especially in restoration. It is interesting to note that in 2011 Spain took the eighth place in a rating, and in 2013-4 position.

Thus, it gradually rose by the first place, however as approve public institutions, to them still is over what to work and be improved. Also Spain took the fourth place in a rating of online search of infrastructure and entertainments.
Aquaparks of Europe enjoy wide popularity long ago, as during the summer period the southern and western part of the continent the very hot. Spain in turn offers magnificent beaches, the improving centers, water attractions and every possible entertainments which remain in memory forever. However there are also minuses, after all the business environment after an economic crisis has big problems. At present it is difficult to obtain the license for building of new object, and a legal framework is very inefficient. All this затормаживает investment activity. Also low access to a labor market is observed and big discrepancy between payment and weight of work remains.

As to indicators in the tourism sphere, in February and January of the current year, the number of foreign tourists made 6,5 million people, and their general expenses exceeded a mark in 6,6 billion euro. Such indicators displaced Switzerland which differs expensive rest from the first place. The second place in this rating was occupied by France, then there is Germany and the USA.
Experts note that the lion’s share in increase in tourism is put by China. So, annually more and more Chinese prefer to visit Spain and other European countries that positively influences tourism development in Europe as a whole.