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Spain is ready to accept tourists chosen Spain instead of Turkey and Egypt

Spain is ready to accept tourists chosen Spain instead of Turkey and EgyptRaphael Galyego (Rafael Gallego), the President of confederation of tourist agencies of Spain (CEAV), reported that growth of a flow of tourists to Spain and additional receipts in treasury in connection with a political situation and national excitements in Turkey and Egypt is expected.

In 2012 the Spanish kingdom visited 57,7 million tourists from abroad that exceeded an indicator of 2011 for 2,7 %. For last five months 2013 more than 19,8 million visits of foreign citizens are fixed, respectively, it promises growth of this indicator by 3,9 % in comparison with 2012. The sum of the means spent by tourists on vacation in Spain for the specified period, passed for 18,4 million euros.

Galyego also noted that all indicators of tourist branch – both number of local and foreign travelers, and volume of the income brought in treasury – for the first half a year in the current year increased on the average for 4-5 % in comparison with the same period of 2012 which has become one of the most successful in all history of tourism of Spain.

In his opinion in case the situation will continue to remain stable, the last year’s result of number of the received guests and the income of branch will be even higher. Let’s remind, in 2012 the income of tourism brought to Spain 43,3 million euros. Raphael Galyego is convinced that indicators will grow because to the peace and stable country the tourists concerned by political and social instability in Turkey and Egypt, and the bought permits will go to Spain as in last season it happened with Greece.

The forecast of the president of CEAV proves to be true data from the ministry of the industry, power and tourism of Spain which fix almost 8 percent growth of volume of early room reservation till October, 2013 (in comparison with the same period of 2012).