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Boating of Spain becomes loukosty

Boating of Spain becomes loukostyThe number of foreign tourists which practise occupations by water sports on vacation in Spain, increased by 20 % this summer, thereby compensating unstable local demand for this type of rest.

Actually, the summer season, with weight of 60 % from the general revenue in this tourism sector, did not bring essential increase in a turn to the companies working at this market. Despite the general growth of the tourists who are engaged in aquatics, priorities are displaced on the most economic views from the wide offer in Spain.

The head of association of Yaxt-clubs of Spain (Asociacion Estaciones Nauticas), Raphael Moreno (Rafael Moreno) explained that more and more demanded there are active sports as paddlesurf, a kaytserfing and a kayaking whereas across all Spain essential recession in rent of yachts and using of yacht-clubs is observed.Boating of Spain becomes loukosty

Kaytserfing choose to 80 % of all international tourists having a rest on the Spanish beaches and yacht-clubs therefore impressing growth and promoting of this active sport in Spain is observed. At the same time, Spaniards put a kaytserfing on the second place after diving which gathered great popularity in the country in recent years.

Growth of interest on active sports among foreign tourists which makes from 60 % to 65 % of all demand in summer months, is connected with growth of number of English and German tourists which allocate 10 % – 12 % of the budget for water entertainments, Raphael Moreno told.

In association consider that Spain does not use for 100 % all the possibilities in sea and boating, despite huge potential which beaches and coasts give it.