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The number of foreign tourists increased by 12 %

The number of foreign tourists increased by 12 %Since the beginning of year Spain was visited by about 6,2 million foreign tourists. It for 11,8 % is more, in comparison with the similar period of last year. These data were provided today by the Ministry of the industry, power and tourism of Spain, according to the statistics data of Frontur (Movimientos Turisticos en Frontera).

Last month to have a rest to Spain arrived 3,1 million foreign tourists that for 11,2 % above data of February, 2013. The number of tourists from the main leading countries on arrival in Spain increased. So, in February, from Great Britain growth of a stream by 10,4 %, from France which became a leader from 16,1 % from total number of arrivals was noted, grew by 15,6 %.

Indicators of Germany, the third country on size of the arrived tourists to Spain, grew by 11 % within the first two months 2014. The Scandinavian countries showed growth by 9,9 %. Besides, it should be noted also, essential increase in number of tourists from Switzerland and Belgium. The Swiss market grew by 26,4 %, and the Belgian indicators grew by 13,2 %. Number of Russians which chose and picked up round to Spain grew by 10,9 %.

Among the Spanish regions, the conclusive leader are the Canary Islands with growth in 12,4 %, and the biggest share of foreign tourists in 32,4 % from total. Catalonia visited since the beginning of year of 1,5 million people that makes a quarter of all market size.

In Andalusia and on Costa del Sol 703,950 foreign tourists have a rest. These are 11,4 % from total and the greatest growth in 16,3 %. Valencia was chosen by 539,207 foreigners.

At the same time, recession in 13,5 % on Balearic Islands was fixed. There arrived only 190,153 tourists from abroad.