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FIMAR 2015 – the best exhibition for fans of the sea

FIMAR 2015 - the best exhibition for fans of the seaThe largest international exhibition sea and water sports will pass this year from March 22 to March 22 on the island of Grand Canary.

FIMAR is a largest world event in sports, entertaining and sea branch which passes on the Canary Islands annually since 2011. This year the oldest Museum of a science and equipment which will present the planetary and solar telescopes on the street for the first time will take part in the International fair of the sea and will teach visitors to use navigation devices.

The FIMAR 2015 program was presented today by mayor Las-Palmas-de-Grand Canary Juan Jose Kardon (Juan Jose Cardona). According to him, the special attention this year will be given to surfing, professional sports, sea entertainments and development of scientific researches and innovations in the field of sea biotechnologies.
For fans of surfing of FIMAR will organize educational seminars of teachers from the best schools from all over the world, information stands, informative exhibitions, and also demonstration of the famous exhibits from the surfing world. The exhibition of sculptures in one of underwater parks becomes a separate event for divers.

Visit of action will be interesting as to fans of an active way of life, and those who wants to learn more about the island. Water sports, underwater activity, fishing, conferences, film screenings, tasting of a gastronomic delicacy and children’s actions – only a part of the big and interesting program in which more than 20 000 people will take part. Visit of FIMAR is an excellent possibility not only to open for itself a favourite sport from the new party, but also fine chance to plunge into culture of the Canary Islands, to participate in actions and to carry out unforgettable rest on beaches of Grand Canary. Surfing, diving, sailing, driving by boats and a canoe, a water ski, fishing, gastronomic rounds, informative seminars … Everyone will find here the communication with the sea!