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Far from Spain: Interesting rest in the Crimea – Gurzufsky park

Far from Spain: Interesting rest in the Crimea - Gurzufsky parkGurzufsky landscape park – one of the main sights of the city of Gurzuf. Basis date – 1803. It was put by order of duke Richelieu in the territory of military sanatorium.

Its area makes 12га. A park site – the seashore in the mouth of the river of Avundi. The river proceeds through park, dividing it into two half: a smaller northeast part with sanatorium objects and a most southeast part with various sports platforms, a cinema and a musical platform.

On all territory of park the set of small architectural forms (sculptures, fountains, etc.) is established. One of the most beautiful sculptures – «A fountain of the goddess of night», framed with group of a pyramidal cypress. Not less interesting sculptures «Deer on a watering place», «Kupalnits’s Fountain», «Mother bathing children». It is necessary to see also the busts of outstanding people established in park: Pushkin, Chekhov, Lesya Ukrainki, Adam Mickiewicz and Shalyapin. If you chose rest in the Crimea and wish to visit Gurzufsky park, it is necessary to remember that the entrance on the territory is limited for free visits therefore it will be necessary to join the organized excursion group.

The flora of park is presented more than 110 types of trees and bushes. Evergreen deciduous breeds, and also the valuable subtropical coniferous prevail. In park there are yuccas, huge sequoias, аукуба, османтус, a magnolia, laurels noble, a pine Crimean, a pistachio tupolisty, a yalitsa pontiysky, a zemlyanichnik melkoplodny, olive European and many other things. The particular interest is represented by old plantings of a pyramidal cypress. In the territory of park there is also A.S. Pushkin’s museum of republican value (the house in which 17 days lived and the great genius created).