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124.995 the Spaniard

left the country in 2014 124.995 the Spaniard124.995 the Spaniard decided to replace the country of accommodation in 2014 and left Spain. These figures for 6,1 % are higher, than given year before. Total number of the Spaniards living abroad, already totals 2.180.000 people.

According to the data published today by National institute of statistics (INE), the majority of citizens which left Spain last year (66 %) were foreigners with the Spanish nationality.
The American continent became the most popular direction where Spaniards in 2014 moved. There, the new house was found by 81.030 Spaniards, to Europe there went 39.246 people, they are followed by Asia (2956), Africa (1001) and Oceania (762).
Nevertheless, in the relative expression, the greatest growth of number of Spaniards was fixed in Asia with increase at 10,8 %.