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In 2014 in Spain 2,4 million cars

In 2014 in Spain 2,4 million carsIn 2014 release of cars on all automobile works of Spain made 2,4 million units. Growth in 11,08 % is the best result in five last years. Such data were provided today by the Spanish association of cars and trucks (Asociacion Espanola de Fabricantes de Automoviles y Camiones (ANFAC)).

In Association declared that this volume of production was reached thanks to essential export and the state stimulation of acquisition of new cars within the country. It allowed to increase production by 240.000 units, in comparison with last year.
ANFAC noted that thanks to creation of new models in 2015, in Spain increase in production will reach 2,6 million cars.
The Spanish automakers exported in 2014, in total 2.030.000 cars. Increase in production made 8,51 %. In December this indicator grew by 17,06 % or 135 857 cars.
Besides, ANFAC declared that producers of cars created 28.800 new workplaces in 2014