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This year Spaniards will spend 2273 euros for summer holiday

This year Spaniards will spend 2273 euros for summer holidayThis year Spaniards will spend for holiday and vacation on the average 2273 euros that for 1,2 % more last year’s budget. American Express, after poll about tendencies and expenses of Spaniards gave such assessment of the domestic tourist market of the country during the next season of holidays.

25 % of Spaniards this year will increase the expenses on rest, 60 % of respondents answered that the budget on rest this year remains at former level, and 12 % of Spaniards are compelled to cut down summer expenses.
Rest of children is most important for Spaniards in the summer. 50 % of respondents choose family rest on the coast of Spain. 18 % will spend vacation in internal areas of the country. 24 % of Spaniards plan to spend the holidays on trips across Europe, and 10 % this year will choose other European beaches.
During the research which has been carried out by American Express, 411 families with the income above 30.000 euros a year and living in provinces Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Biskaya and in Barcelona were interrogated.
The average budget of inhabitants of the first four provinces made 2273 euros. Among them 8 % will spend more than 5000 euros during holiday.
Inhabitants of the Catalan capital are more optimistic, to spend the next season of holidays. The majority of them are going to increase the budget on the average by 10 %.
Besides, research shows that a quarter of Spaniards was reserved already by the summer holidays. 24 % of respondents decided on a venue of the holiday and paid holiday in three months. Only 5 % prefer to reserve and plan the holiday at the last minute.