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Ronalda for the first time in career

hammered five balls in one match Ronalda for the first time in careerRonalda hammered five balls in one матчеФорвард Cristiano Ronaldo’s (Cristiano Ronaldo) Madrid "Real" for the first time in career hammered five balls in one match. The Portuguese managed to make penta-trik in game of the 29th round of the championship of Spain against "Granada". The meeting which has taken place in Madrid, came to the end with a victory creamy with the score 9:1.

On a break of team left with the score 4:0 in favor of owners. Ronalda was made by a hat trick within eight minutes (with the 30th on 38th). In the second half of game the Portuguese caused a stir still twice — on the 54th minute and on the 89th. Also as a part of "Real" the double marked out Karim Benzema, one ball was hammered by Gareth Beyl and the gate the defender of "Granada" Diego Mayns struck. For the Madrid club it is the largest victory since 1967.

As a part of "Granada" the unique ball was hammered by Robert Ibanyes.

Now in an asset to Ronalda of 36 hammered balls in the championship of Spain, it on four goals more than at the Argentina forward of "Barcelona" Lionel Messi. Catalans on one point advance the Madrid club in standings of superiority of the country and have one game in a stock.