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Rest in «an oxygen sphere» – new service in Barcelona

Rest in «an oxygen sphere» – new service in BarcelonaRecently in the Spanish province Barcelona there was a new unique service – rest in «an oxygen sphere».Это unusual entertainment – a Gran Hotel La Florida hotel complex idea. In SPA all wishing to test on themselves pass action of unusual service in «an oxygen sphere». There is a bed which is unusual on the design.

It is necessary to the client to settle down on it as the special device creates round it almost absolute oxygen cloud. Such pure gas completely clears an organism of toxins and slags, allows to receive a full mental and physical relaxation. Thanks to such cleaning the natural mechanism of an organism is restored.
Now the Spanish Hotel La Florida offers the guests the special half-hour program of rest in a sphere filled with oxygen. If there will be a desire, you also can order a 50-minute complex of other various procedures which will cost 215 euros. Wishing to try oxygen clarification it is necessary to hurry. After all this service will be stopped at the end of March.

If you suddenly are not in time, be not upset. Study rounds to Switzerland and, having chosen the most suitable you, go to this magic country. You receive similar effect from procedures in the Swiss hotel Le Mirador Kempinski. This autumn specially this hotel developed for the clients and introduced the special improving program (They have interesting names, for example: "anti-cellulitis", "anti-stress" and "anti-tobacco").

The number of other procedures includes obligatory visit of SPA by Givenchy. One of firm procedures of this complex is directed on a conclusion of toxins from fabrics and increase of a muscular tone.