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Messi wants to go to Chelsea

Messi wants to go to ChelseaMessi wants to go to "Chelsea" the Forward of "Barcelona" Leo Messi (Leo Messi) reflected on transition to the London football club "Chelsea". The Argentinian wants to test in other championship, and английcкая the premier league will be for it the best option.

Cesc Fabregas who already plays for "Chelsea" from last summer, also tries to convince the friend Messi, about moving to London. As journalists found out, Leo already started to study English.

The possible transaction was approved already by the head coach of "Chelsea" Jose Mourinho. It is expected that Adidas will pay a part of the transaction on a transfer of the Argentina forward which is estimated in 250 million euros.

As it appeared, Messi is dissatisfied with the present situation in "Barcelona". According to the forward, in team it do not appreciate as it is high, as Cristiano Ronaldo in the Madrid "Real".