Barcelona heads top of the best European directions

Barcelona heads top of the best European directionsAccording to the version of the American news magazine "US News", Barcelona takes the second position in a top of the best world tourist places and the first place in a top of the best European directions.

Barcelona continues to climb up up on a ladder of the best tourist directions, with every to years winning sympathies of millions tourists from all over the world.

«US News» in the section of travel published «A top of the best world directions» and «A top of the best European directions».В result the capital of Catalonia appears on magazine pages twice. On the one hand, takes the second place among 25 best places for visit in the world and receives a gold medal as the best the vacation spot in Europe.
Barcelona heads top of the best European directionsThe first place in «Top-25 of the world directions» occupies London, but not thanks to the sights, and owing to carrying out the Olympic Games 2012. The third place gets to Paris, Maui (Hawaii), New York, San Francisco and Puerto Rico further follow.

According to «US News», Barcelona is known around the world «for the legendary soccer team» and for «one of Sagrad Familiya’s most beautiful and unusual temples competing on beauty and greatness with the Parisian Notre Dame de Paris».

As to the list of the best European places, the following place beyond Barcelona occupies Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Lisbon, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, Florence, Crete, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Zurich, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Cannes and Dalmatia further follow.