The IMF improved forecasts of growth of the Spanish economy

The IMF improved forecasts of growth of the Spanish economyAccording to new forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the Spanish economy will grow by 2 % in the current year. Thereby, the IMF raised on the three tenth former forecast for Spain. Figures about growth of the Spanish economy in 2016 remained without change and are predicted at level of 1,8 %. At the same time, estimates for eurozone and world economy were essentially underestimated.

The IMF agrees with the government of Spain in expectations of growth of gross domestic product of the country for 2 % in 2015, but the next year Spaniards are more optimistic, with a forecast in 2,3 %.
The international currency organization reduces the forecast of growth of eurozone to 1,2 % this year and 1,4 % in 2016, explaining it to that gross domestic product growth in the third quarter 2014 in EU "was a little weaker", than it was expected. There is it generally because of low investments and proceeding decrease in inflation.
By IMF were reconsidered, towards fall, forecasts for other EU countries. In particular, the economy of Germany will grow for 1,3 % this year and for 1,5 % in the following (0.2 % and 0.3 % are less, than it was declared earlier). On the one tenth (the forecast was lowered to 0,9 %) for France in 2015. The assessment of growth of gross domestic product of Italy (for 0.5 %) which will grow by only 0,4 % in 2015 and 0,8 % in the following most of all decreased.