There is a hope of growth of tourists in the Spanish hotels

There is a hope of growth of tourists in the Spanish hotelsThe Spanish hotelyer consider the current year as the period which will bring bigger good, than last. If to trust forecasts, for 2011 and it is necessary increase in demand for rest in Spain.


For today about increase of demand for hotels in Spain tells a number of factors. According to the data published by institute of statistics of Spain, only in 1 quarter of the current year load of hotels increased for 5 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. The number of spending the night – 4.9 % increased also.

Thus, it is possible to note that forecasts of experts which they gave at the beginning of a year, gradually start to come true. Many expect that this summer Spain will be visited by much more tourists. And it is expected that among them there will be much what originally chose Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen – the countries in which the intense situation continues to remain.

At the moment the best situation is observed on the Canary Islands where level of load of hotels made 76 %. For the first quarter of the current year tourists from Germany and Great Britain, chosen rest in Spain were the main lodgers of the Spanish hotels. And it should be noted that growth of number of German tourists in the first quarter 2011 was made by 4.6 %, and the British 4.9 %.

Appreciable influence on prosperity of Spanish tourist in the current year was rendered by the Russian tourists which number in comparison with last year increased for 10-15 %. Only for the first month 2011 the embassy of Spain in Moscow gave out to citizens of Russia of 11 300 visas. This figure for 2.5 % is more than last year’s. In no small measure growth of popularity of rest in Spain among Russians is promoted also by that 2011 in Russia is declared Year of tourism of Spain.