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Tourists in Spain spend on the average about 100 euros a day

Tourists in Spain spend on the average about 100 euros a dayTourists from the different countries for this year spent about 9 million euros in Spain. Last year during this period tourists spent for 7,4 % less, than in it.


About 980 euros are spent by tourists, having a rest in Spain, and it on the average for 5 % is more than earlier. Per day the foreigner spends about 108 euros that for 14 % more than in 2011.

Most willingly German tourists leave the money. About one and a half million euros that for 4 % more than in 2011. And though Germans come now more rare, but leave in Spain about 1000 euros (that is about 90 euros a day).

For quantity of the spent means inhabitants of Great Britain who spent about 1,4 million euros became second. On the average on one tourist it is 788 euros, and per day about 87 euros.

Inhabitants Scandinavian a camp also enrich the country budget, leaving about 1,2 million euros that for 11 % more former indicators.

The Canary Islands where visitors left 3 million euros (that is more than 30 % from all sum of expenses of tourists) became the most popular tourist places. The second place is occupied by Catalonia where they left 1,8 million euros (that is 20 %). On the third place the capital of Spain Madrid, the "earned" 11 % from total amount of expenses of tourists.