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The Spanish gastronomy involves more and more tourists

The Spanish gastronomy involves more and more touristsThe gastronomy becomes more and more popular, as a separate type of tourism in Spain. According to data of poll which has been carried out by Institute of tourist researches of Spain (Instituto de Estudios Turisticos), in total 7,4 million foreign tourists visited Spain last year to take pleasure in culinary richness of the country. It for 32 % more than in 2012.

The foreign tourists coming to Spain, put a local cuisine on the first places in the preferences and impressions about holiday.

Besides, Spanish cuisine is on the second place among preferences of all Europeans, according to the annual poll, TripAdvisor carried out by a portal among the users.

"The Spanish gastronomy offers to us real competitive advantages in comparison with other tourist directions", the secretary general of the Spanish federation of hotels and restaurants (Federacion Espanola de Hosteleria y Restauracion), Emilio Galyego (Emilio Gallego) told.

Secret of such success for Spanish cuisine, is its distinctive culinary variety, richness of various, qualitative products, various ways of preparation and creativity in preparation.