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In Bank of Spain there was a fire of

In Bank of Spain there was a fire ofIn Bank of Spain occurred пожарТри the person got wounds, two are in a serious condition after fire emergence on the third floor of Bank of Spain in Madrid. Because of a fire evacuation of all personnel was carried out and the next streets in the city center were blocked. Firefighters arrived to a bank building over which strong smoke is observed.

Three persons conducted repair work on a roof of Bank of Spain when on unknown still to the reasons, there was an explosion and a small fire. Three victims already are under supervision of doctors from Samur. According to eyewitnesses, apparently, workers worked with a distributive electric board.
One of seriously injured, the 51-year-old man, burned the second and third severity for 40 % of a body. Other worker got serious burns to 30 % of skin. At the third victim, the 35-year-old man, doctors fixed a contusion.