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Black-and-white hotel in Spain

Black-and-white hotel in SpainOn the Mediterranean coast as on wave of a magic wand, there was a black-and-white boutique hotel. Having appeared inside, you will not manage to find anything superfluous, since the name which it is possible to translate as «Hotel on a beach». Choosing it, founders, most likely, made a start from Chekhovian «brevity – the sister of talent». In this hotel twelve numbers settle down, in each of which there is a terrace. Having appeared on it, to lodgers the fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea opens. Beds in numbers settle down so that, having woken up, the person could see a water smooth surface. Mirrors in numbers are also located so that in them the sea surface was reflected.

This hotel differs convenient situation. It is in 10 minutes of a way from Valencia and in 20 minutes from the local airport. Accommodation in numbers on the average makes the 120th euros/days.
But despite the strict colors which are present at an interior of this house, nevertheless, owners of this institution Margarita and Fernando promise that to all lodgers the homeliness will be provided at accommodation. For lodgers traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine, including a paella prepare. At restaurant at hotel 50 people that gives the chance for carrying out and an invited dinner or unusual romantic evening can freely take place. Each lodger can take pleasure in dishes of the Mediterranean kitchen. To make it it is possible not only at restaurant, but also on a terrace from which the magnificent view on the sea opens. In addition in hotel there is also a cafeteria in which it is possible to have a bite or simply to order a cup of coffee.

Prevalence of black-and-white color in this hotel can be noticed in any part of this institution, including numbers. Existence of these flowers in an interior does not allow to carry them to any style or time. They so successfully supplement each other that to them it is even not necessary to add anything. Such contrast creates the purity and tranquillity atmosphere. Having appeared in this hotel, you will forget about vanity of an everyday life and this black-and-white «The hotel on a beach» becomes for you the house in which the rest atmosphere constantly reigns. Black and white colors in an interior give it refinement and elegance.

The Hotel de la Playa hotel already became popular in spite of the fact that from the moment of its opening passed a little time. More often it is used as a place for carrying out weddings, which is not surprising: colors in an interior of this hotel are ideally suited for carrying out similar celebrations.
In any case, if you look for a place in which to you comfortable rest will be provided, – «Hotel de la Playa», that is necessary for you.