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In Barcelona passed arrests of anarchists of

In Barcelona passed arrests of anarchists ofIn Barcelona passed arrests at anarkhistovety night police of Barcelona carried out special operation on arrest of members of the organization of anarchists which attribute some terrorist attacks with use of explosive devices. According to information from department of police of Barcelona, arrests and searches take place since the earliest morning, in various districts of the city.

The majority of arrests was carried out in the thrown house under the name, "Kasa de la Muntanya" around Grasy. The search in this house began in the 5th mornings. Nearby streets to a building, to the South from park Guel were besides blocked.
Also, searches were carried out in two other houses in which the homeless and representatives of the various left organizations illegally lived.
"Accusations of belonging to the criminal organization pursuing terrorist to the aim of anarchist character are brought to all detainees" – declared in Catalan police.