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New uproar of tourists in Lloret de Mar

New uproar of tourists in Lloret de MarFight between tourists and police occurred again in the popular Spanish resort Lloret de Mar.


In the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Colossos club where about 1, 8 thousand people had a rest, conditioners unexpectedly ceased to work. The administration of an institution opened emergency exits that people could breathe on the street fresh air. However, visitors forgot to notify on one, but the extremely essential detail — appeared outside, back any more did not start up.

Besides, approaches to club were blocked by police — they only let out from club, but to get back through a police cordon it was impossible. Among vacationers protest moods that led to skirmish with law enforcement officers began to arise.

Result of collision of steel of 22 victims, among which 9 policemen. 7 visitors of club are taken to hospital. The significant damage was incurred also by property. In six police cars glasses were beaten, some garbage containers are burned and billboards are broken. As it is reported, a show-window of shops and glass of buildings brawlers did not begin to beat.

20 people which age varies from 17 to 30 years were possible to detain polices. All of them are citizens of the foreign states: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovenia.