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Spain earns most in EU on tourism

Spain earns most in EU on tourismIn 2012 Spain earned on tourism of 43,5 million euros, having left France and Italy. At the same time, Spaniards take the last places on expenses the abroad. More than 80 % of Spaniards spent the holidays without leaving the country.


Such data were published by Turespana, after the analysis of statistical data of Eurostat received of their office. According to these data, Spain earned 43,5 million euros while France received 41,6 million euros the income of tourism, and Italy 32 million euros.

For 2012 Spaniards spent only 11,9 million euros for foreign trips. Leaders of the European Union are Germans with the expenses exceeding 64 million euros.

Besides, in 2012 Spain became the country with the highest surplus of the budget of tourism with 31,6 million euros.

Despite it, Spain is one of the countries with the highest share of internal tourism. 83,4 % of all travel of Spaniards passed within the country.