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In Portaventura will construct Ferrari World

In Portaventura will construct Ferrari WorldThe thematic park "Ferrari World" devoted only to this sports brand, already exists in Abu Dhabi for 3 years. Constructed for petrodollars with which this region abounds, the park occupies the territory in 200.000 square meters.

Now, the popular Italian brand, after consideration of a large number of additional offers, reached the agreement from Portaventur on creation of the amusement park in Spain, though more modest in the sizes. This project, however, will be the first in the territory of Europe.

As expect in Ferrari, construction will be finished in 2016, and planned investments will make about 100 million euros. The area of Spanish of "Ferrari WorLd" will make 75000 square meters with a set of new and interesting attractions for fans of "A skipping horse" all age. Among them, there will be also the fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. Besides, Ferrari will construct thematic five-stars hotel of the class "luxury" on 250 numbers.