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Tourists received 2,5 million pounds of compensation after rest on Costa del Sol

Tourists received 2,5 million pounds of compensation after rest on Costa del SolTourists from Great Britain, infected with an infection норовируса in the Spanish hotel on Costa del Sol, will receive 2,5 million pounds as compensation.


Three seasons in a row, in 2000-2002, working at the coast of Malaga in Torremolinose Beach Club Hotel infected with this virus of vacationers. Sources of a norovirusny infection are numerous pathogens. The disease is accompanied by diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and also sharp pains in a stomach. To pick up a virus it is possible, having taken poor-quality drinks and food. Some days of the infected torment the listed symptoms then the sharp phase of a disease comes to an end, passing to more hidden form. Thus, had in the resort norovirusy, years later can notice its influence.

Perhaps, it served as turning point when victims appeared not in forces to suffer impunity guilty and submitted the collective claim against tourist operators of "Thomson" and «Thomas Cook» of their hotels on the coast of Malaga. The companies, certainly, denied any participation in troubles of tourists though lodgers of this hotel constantly found infection the norovirusy. After the medical commission of experts checked hotels of Malaga and confirmed serious errors of the management and the hotel personnel in observance of sanitary and hygienic standards, operators were compelled to get out of the difficult situation beating on reputations of the companies.

Soon the hotel management together with tour operators, having outstripped the beginning of trials in the Supreme Court, offered an affected party the amicable solution of business. Total amount of offered compensation is unprecedented: two and a half million pounds sterling. Such sum will be divided between one thousand claimants – in proportion, according to severity of the acquired disease. Still never before tourists did not receive from the guilty tour operators of the similar sums after poisonings in vacation spots.