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The national brand of Spain fell in price for 20 %

The national brand of Spain fell in price for 20 %The brand of Spain entered into ten national brands which worsened the positions for last year. The money equivalent of brand of Spain decreased for 20 % to $725 million (528 million euros) while a year ago the national brand was estimated at 908 million euros. Such data were provided in the annual report of Brand Finance on the most valuable national brands in the world.

Near Spain, which fell by five positions (with 13 on the 18th place), such countries as Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cyprus settled down. Besides, the brand "Spain" did not enter into one of from the nominations "top-10" on investments, tourism, products and services. 10 first places in a rating "Tourism" occupied national brands of Thailand, Malaysia, Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapua, Estonia, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

According to the report, in the general offset the first place is occupied by the United States, with cost of a national brand in 17,9 billion dollars and growth by 23 % in comparison with last year. China on the second place, from 6,1 billion and increase at 26 %. Germany got to top ten from 4,0 billion, Great Britain from 2,3 billion, Japan (2,2млрд.), France (1,9млрд.), Canada (1,8млрд.), Brazil (1,4млрд.), India (1,3млрд.) and Australia (1,2млрд.).