Carnival on the Canary Islands: fiesta of paints and imaginations

Carnival on the Canary Islands: fiesta of paints and imaginationsSince 1987 the Carnival passing on the Canary Islands, is included into the Book of Records Ginessa thanks to the scale: more than 200 thousand people at the same time participate in its dances.
Every year, million people come to the Canary Islands to become a part of a holiday where all is allowed and where to participants there is only one requirement: to enjoy.
This year the Carnival starts on January 21 from solemn presentation of candidates for a role of the Queen of the Carnival.

By tradition election of the Queen – one of key events, after all it is the central figure of this unique holiday round which all further actions are developed. The main subject of the Carnival in 2015 – "Future". It met with approval of 36 % of audience by results of Internet vote and became the main keynote of the forthcoming fiesta.
Carnival on Canary Islands – one of the most large-scale and significant in Europe and the second in the world after the well-known Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Its bewitching shows and bright processions under the Latin American melodies started to take place in colourful suits in the XVIII century. Today in this action annually take part about one million people.
Within the Carnival the municipality of each city represents own week program of the festive actions, however the greatest scope and popularity got carnival parades and the competitions which are taking place in the cities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las-Palmas-de-Grand Canary. Guests are waited by bright processions, the incendiary dances, unusual competitions, feerichny shows and concerts of known world stars. The carnival will be pleasant also to fans of family rest: its program will include children’s competitions and processions, and also a festival «Thousand and one night». One of participants will not have chances to forget this fascinating holiday dipping into the fantastic world of the Canary Islands. A variety of the program let’s to tourists a set of chances get acquainted with absolutely different traditions of carrying out the Carnival: from a raging whirlpool of capital celebrations, to measured fun of provincial small towns.