The Canary Islands start the new project «Solar therapy»

The Canary Islands start the new project «Solar therapy»The deputy minister of tourism of the government of the Canary Islands Mr. Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente Armas (Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente Armas) and the director general of Promotur Turismo de Canarias Maria Mendez (Maria Mendez), presented the project «Solar therapy» as a part of an advertizing campaign of the Canary Islands of "Shine Again" which was started during this winter season and will last up to January 31.

The director general of Promotur Turismo de Canarias Maria Mendez declared that this campaign is aimed generally at the people, wishing to relax, have a rest, run away from daily problems and affairs, routine, to restore peace of mind and to gain strength. The concept of "regeneration" (revival) also became a motive power of all project and all campaign which has begun still in 2013. «In the project «solar therapists» – professional experts take part in tourist sector which daily care and help tourists», – Mr. Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente Armas added.

Target audience of the project are pairs, adult and elderly people who would like to take pleasure in good weather to relax in beams of the sun and sea waves at any time years, but do not presume to itself it in the city and consider climatic conditions of the major component of the rest. Founders of the project also are guided by adult tourists who want to have a rest not simply, but also to take pleasure in sights of the archipelago.

It should be noted that recently the Canary Islands strengthened the positions as one of the most popular places among tourists to what high indicators of visit by tourists of the archipelago testify. The record of attendance of islands was beaten in August, and at present number of the tourists who have visited Canary Islands, makes more than 9 million people. This indicator for 11,32 % is higher than the last year’s.

It should be noted that last year the flow of tourists from Russia on the archipelago grew by 68 %. According to the last researches, 95 % of the Russians leaving to the Canary Islands, go on the island of Tenerife. The main resource of information for the Russian tourists at a choice Canary the island as the vacation spot are recommendations of a family or friends (67 %), tourist guidebooks (41,2 %) and travel agencies (35,3 %). Thus, the main motivation for visit of islands is the delightful climate, a sunny weather and beaches, the nature and a relaxation.