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Canary Islands: the best sports events of this spring

Canary Islands: the best sports events of this springWith arrival of spring on the Canary Islands starts a large quantity of sports events. Since the beginning of April and till the end of June the archipelago becomes a venue of various competitions for which the best athletes can test themselves in the conditions of the wild nature and in an environment of extraordinary landscapes.

Thanks to a variety of landscapes and landscapes of the Canary Islands sporting events of the archipelago involve the well-known athletes, such as Jenson Button (the racer of the Formula 1), Natasha Badman (the world champion in a thriathlon) and many other. The climate of the Canary Islands is considered the best in the world thanks to what many known athletes come here not only for participation in various actions, but also choose these places for trainings during the whole year.

On March 21: Vertical Artenara, Gran Kanariya

The Cup Racing Vertical championship which is carried out on the island Gran Kanariya, will present grandiose show. Carrying out one of the heaviest sprints here is expected. Extent of a track – 3,5 km. On a way to the finish (to Artenar’s square of the city) participants, leaving a ravine bottom Technical food, will overcome a slope in 710 meters.

Besides, in the spring on the island there passes preparation for sea summer competitions, such as to PWA World Tour Pozo Izquierdo which are carried out within the World Cup in windsurfing.

On April 18: Magma Bike Marathon, Yerro’s Ale

Throughout many centuries the relief of El-Yerro was formed тысячью volcanoes. That it to investigate, the mountain bicycle and, of course, Magma Bike marathon as well as possible will approach.

This route not absolutely usual as includes two categories: one long track and some short. Cycle racing assumes some hours of driving in picturesque places through the laurel and pine woods where it is possible to consider all magnificence of the nature of the island which is under protection of UNESCO to the smallest details and is the biospheric reserve.

On April 19: Santa Cruz Extreme (the preparatory stage TeideXtreme), Tenerife

Anaga Rural the park (The Anaga Rural Park) located in a northeast part of the island of Tenerife, prepares for carrying out annual test of Santa Cruz Extreme. It is Split in extreme conditions which includes two tracks. One of them – a distance on 27,5 km, and the second – distances on 21 and 15 km. The way of athletes will be laid through the park stretched on the territory in 14 000 hectares.

This competition becomes a preliminary stage for those athletes who are going to take part in the autumn TeideXtreme, one of the most difficult competitions, passing on the archipelago. Here they should float two kilometers, to pass on a bicycle about 90 kilometers, and the semi-marathon on the coast between beaches of Las Vistas and Bobo of 21 kilometers becomes a final part.

On April 25: Challenge Fuerteventura, Fuyerteventura

Challenge Fuerteventura – one of leading and main events of the European thriathlon. Last year the known racer of the Formula 1 Jenson Button took part in it, and this year for a prize Natasha Badman will be overcome.

The competition which is carried out already to the fifth time, this year will pass on absolutely new, improved route. Eight thousand residents Tuinekh (Tuineje) can see the eyes an improbable show: fight of 400 athletes for a rank of the best! Participants should overcome 1.9 kilometers by swimming, 90 kilometers on a bicycle and to run 21 kilometers. Will be and the facilitated option of the route including 1 kilometer of swimming, 35 kilometers on a bicycle and running on 8 kilometers.

On May 9: Transvulcania ultramarathon, La Palm tree

It is one of the longest marathons which are carried out on the archipelago. Its route includes improbable mountain running, the general extent of 73 km which dissects the island La Palma on two parts. Total difference of heights makes about 8000 meters. The route of a marathon includes three main stages: the first – from the Beacon to Fuenkalyenta on the well-known Vulkanov Road; the second – on the ridge surrounding the Caldera, to Observatory de los’s Fate of Muchachos where there is the highest point of a marathon – 2436 m; the marathon in Los Llanos to de Aridan (Los Llanos de Aridane) comes to the end. Participate in running everyone can.

Besides, Transvulkaniya can brag of such actions as a marathon on 44 km on the mountain district, a semi-marathon in extent 24км and running with a promising title «Vertical kilometer» which route makes 6 km. In addition on the island there are children’s distances on 1 km divided on four age groups.

On May 23: Ironman, Lansarotta

This one of the most fascinating, long and difficult competitions on a thriathlon on the Canary Islands. Many professional triatlonist use it as the main physical preparation before the Hawaiian championships. Ironman on Lansarota covers more than 226 kilometers, offering participants of 40 positions from World Cup classification, combining such categories as swimming, driving on a bicycle and run. It is necessary to pay attention that such loadings happen under force to not all participants of a thriathlon.

The marathon impressing on the loadings takes off in Playa Grande (Playa Grande), Puerto-del-Carmen (Puerto del Carmen), a known tourist place of the city. The heat on 4,8 km – two circles on the planned route near Playa Grande (Playa Grande) goes the first stage. The following stage – bicycle arrival round the island on 180 km during which athletes should test all delights of cycle racing on Lansarota: to resist to strong winds, to feel the scorching sun and to rise by mountains in height more than 2551 meters. In passing they can take pleasure in beauty and sights to Lansarota (if forces suffice), and skilled volunteers will help them to overcome all difficulties of a way. Run on a distance in 42 kilometers, including three circles on a fine track along Puerto-del-Carmen Embankment, in the island southeast becomes the last obstacle.

Besides for fans of extreme rest to Lansarotta this spring will present one more improbable event: «The volcanic thriathlon» which will take place on May 2 and also will consist of three races on endurance – 1,5 km a heat in a lagoon which will proceed 40-kilometer bicycle arrival and will end with 10-kilometer running.

On June 27: Gomera Paradise Trail, La Homer

In the second week of summer on the island La Gomera there will pass already the fourth race Gomera Paradise Trail. It shares on 3 categories – ULTRA (58 km), TRAIL (30 km), STARTER (12 km). The route of race passes through tremendous places of the island, reserves Garakhonay and Mayon’s laurel woods, to the finish in the island San Sebastian capital. Feature of race that it means also the night stage UltraTrail.