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Ticketbis comes to Russia

Ticketbis comes to RussiaThe online platform on an exchange of tickets of Ticketbis comes to Russia forever to change the market of purchase and sale of tickets for sporting and cultural events.


Every year more and more people carry out purchases on the Internet and get tickets for concerts, football or any other action. The Spanish company Ticketbis decided to enter the Russian market to carry out revolution in sector of secondary sale of tickets. The online platform allows not only to carry out purchase, but also sale of tickets. Thanks to a large number of the registered users, on a site always there is an offer of tickets for actions worldwide whereas in cash desks and on other sites of tickets can already not be.

«Real of Madrid», «FC of Barcelona», Premier leagues both other significant championships and competitions it is possible to find tickets for football matches on a site Ticketbis. This innovative idea allows users of a network to buy without effort tickets for the Russian actions and as to visit the international events.

Having sold more than 100.000 tickets, the company is today the leader of the market not only at itself in Spain, but also in the next Portugal and all Latin America. With arrival to Russia Ticketbis hopes to finish from «Tickets is not present».