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The Spanish football players plan a strike

The Spanish football players plan a strikeThe Spanish football players plan zabastovkuispansky association of football players of "La Asociacion de Futbolistas Espanoles" (AFE) decided to stage an one-day strike on May 17. Thus, the strike will coincide with penultimate games of a season in the First division.

The Spanish football players will strike in protest at the new law on the audiovisual rights in football.

This news was sounded last night, right after union board meeting on which solved possible ways of negotiations with the Spanish treasury about "15 % for payment of the audiovisual rights between clubs and players".

According to the law from 1996, clubs could pay to 15 % of a salary for football players as the rights on photo and videos of the image and, thus, reduced total amount of the taxes paid by players in treasury. Now, with adoption of the new law, the Spanish tax authorities want to change an approach in payment of taxes, thereby having increased tax assignments.

Besides, the tax service urges clubs not to pay the commission to directly football agents, and to pay this sum to directly players, as the income."