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On what the price of air tickets depends?

Air ticket on the same plane and flight can differ considerably at cost, it depends on, when and as it to get. Everything who at least periodically flies by planes, perhaps, met it.

If in the West ticket purchase the whole science, with the subtleties and nuances, in the former Soviet Union people often buy especially without choosing. Though, considering air ticket cost, the economy can be rather considerable.


Cost of the air ticket can vary from a number of factors: comfort, airline, season and many other. If you consider that the cheapest air tickets can be got only directly at airline, you are mistaken. Yes, it is quite logical that the company offering services of flights, will have air tickets without margins, but with air tickets business is a little on another. Air carriers have contracts with agencies on sale of tickets and similar agencies they are on sale on more favorable conditions, as a result with all margins air tickets at them are comparable at the price or stand it is less.

As it is not necessary to consider that if you bought air tickets cheap, you by all means were lucky. Can leave so that the low price is caused by every possible negative factors, let us assume, air flight with intermediate landing. The most convenient and fast way to get air tickets – the order of air tickets on the Internet.

It is necessary to choose as what class you depart. There are three classes which differ comfort level. The first class is considered the most expensive, it is designated by the letter "F", behind it there is a business a class which is designated by the letter "With", all the house-keeper comes to an end with the cheapest with a class under the letter "Y". On each similar tariff base packages which allow to make flight in both parties for a year are available. Cost of tickets can vary, depending on a season. In more free for airlines seasons the price of flights is cheaper, in the sated – above.

Before air tickets to buy it is necessary to look, what discounts exist. Discounts can be various, all of them concern any concrete number of air flights, the period of time, a place and many other. But precisely to call the size of a discount it is impossible. At the same company, on the same plane, you can receive to 15 % of a discount for the air ticket, not receive in general.

Almost all aktsionny air tickets are limited on number of available places or on terms therefore they are very difficult for finding. To get air tickets online with Sitka it is necessary to visit an Internet site of airline and will familiarize with actions and tariffs. In the same place detailed information about air tickets cost, a transportation class, and so forth is provided.

Practically all airlines offer accumulative discounts. Accumulative discounts perfectly will suit businessmen who constantly make flights.