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Income of Spain of entrance tourism continues grow

Income of Spain of entrance tourism continues growIncome of Spain of entrance tourism in 2013 made 4,5 billion euro that corresponds to growth by 3,74 % in comparison with previous year, according to balances of payments published by Bank of Spain.

These data indicate a tendency of growth of this sector of the Spanish economy within the last four years after the falling registered in 2008-2009 during a heat of a world economic crisis, strongly affected the main European tourist markets.

It should be noted that the most considerable growth of entrance tourism of Spain occurred in 2011, during the period "Arab spring" in the Middle East. This year, growth made 8,6 %.

The net profit from tourism which made record figures in 2013, coincides with the maximum number of the foreign tourists who have visited Spain within the last year. So, last year Spain was visited, in total, by 60,6 million foreign tourists that for 5,6 % above indicators of previous year.

Growth of these indicators speaks the sum of several factors. Growth of entrance tourism of Spain became possible because of economic reconstruction of a number of the traditional markets in the countries of the European Union and sharp increase in number of tourists from emerging markets, such as Russia and China.

From external factors which rendered positive effect on tourism growth in Spain, political and social instability in North Africa and in the Middle East is. Many tourists preferred to choose permits and last-minute tours to Spain, instead of habitual beach rest in Turkey or Egypt.