Butrons lock is exposed on sale of

Butrons lock is exposed on sale ofButron’s lock was exposed on продажуСегодня on online auction Butron’s (Castillo de Butron) lock which is in the Basque Country in 19 km from Bilbao is exposed. The initial price of the lock makes 3,5 million euros. Auction will last till October 21.

At present, the owner of this lock which is of historical value and being one of symbols of the province Biskaya, is to construction group Inbisa. Despite old age, a medieval castle is in an excellent condition. At present it is the unique lock in style of romanticism which is exposed on sale in Spain.

The area of the lock which is recognized as object of historical heritage, makes more than 2400 square meters. In a fortress five floors, an old chapel, a big drawing room with a fireplace, big open space in 200 square meters, library and a weapon room. Crowns the lock four towers. With the lock the territory of park of the sizes in 35.000 square meters is on sale also.