In Barcelona passed protests against delivery of apartments to tourists

In Barcelona passed protests against delivery of apartments to touristsAccording to the local police, over 2000 people passed march protest across Barcelona on last days off, calling for closing of all tourist apartments in the city and condemning problems of "drunk" tourism.

This march became the sixth action after the beginning of protests in the area Barseloneta (Barceloneta). Inhabitants of this district of Barcelona try to cope alone with consequences of blossoming of "drunk" tourism in their area.

Demonstration was organized by Federation of Associations of neighbors of Barcelona (Federacion de Asociaciones de Vecinos de Barcelona), with support of other public organizations and city associations. A main objective of a protest was to show the general attitude to "injurious model of tourism" under the slogan – "Barcelona is not on sale."

The representative of inhabitants of Barseloneta Sergio Arnas (Sergio Arnas), argues that neighbors will continue the fight for "identity restoration» the area and elimination of that "nightmare" from which suffer every summer because of growth of quantity of illegal tourist apartments and the beskulturny scenes arranged by drunk tourists.

Barseloneta’s region uses, generally popularity among young tourists from Great Britain and Germany. But with reduction of requirements by visas to Spain, in this area the youth from Russia and Ukraine even more often began to stop, at the organization of the budgetary travel.

During march, near inhabitants of Barcelona, there was a group of official tourist guides which demanded from the mayor, Xavier Trias (Xavier Trias), active actions for protection "high-quality tourism» in the city.