The first-ever Twitter-hotel opened on Maoyrka

The first-ever Twitter-hotel opened on MaoyrkaThe new hotel opened in the city of Magaluf on Majorca. Owners of hotel found an interesting way to unite lodgers of hotel and to provide them future service. All visitors of hotel who have an account in Twitter, can easily pass on a hesh-tag #SocialWave, having connected through the special Wi-fi network of hotel.

Hotel rooms are executed in Twitter colors — white and silvery with bright dark blue accents. During registration to guests of Sol Wave House the code of access to the unique appendix which works only within a hotel wireless network stands out and was specially razbrabotano for this hotel. In SocialWave society participants can get acquainted, communicate, share news, flirt with each other and exchange a photo. As moderators in community, and two virtual concierges serve in all hotel. During a party it is possible to use heshtegy #TwitterPartySuite and to receive in the order 4-seater number for one night with balloons, to the champagnes special «a blue mojito» and, of course, a huge mirror for self-portraits.


Besides, online service with хэштегами allows to order a breakfast in number or drinks directly to the pool, it is possible to fill up and a minibar. Every Friday in hotel are arranged an offline party at the pool where lodgers can distract from the твитов in smartphones and drink free cocktail in the company of the not so virtual friends and neighbors. As the social media director of Sol Wave House Marko Fenton, Sol Wave Tweet — it not only tells interesting option of interactive communication for a change and bigger convenience, but also good possibility for constraining people to "melt ice" and get acquainted with somebody.