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The tourist tax in Catalonia is one year old

The tourist tax in Catalonia is one year oldTo tourist tax in Catalonia which came into force on November 1, 2012, one year is executed. Contrary to forecasts of analysts, the number of reserved numbers during this time, in hotels on all region, only grew.

Apparently from the table published below, during the period from January to September, 2013 in Catalonia 41.380.000 nights in hotels that in annual calculation, for 0,9 % above indicators of 2012, in total, were reserved.

During the same period of 2012 when tax tourist collecting did not function yet, in all hotels of the independent region 41.010.000 nights were reserved.

Today, to the government of Catalonia, by means of a tourist tax, since November 2012 till June, 2013 it was possible to fill up the budget on 19 million euros. By estimates of experts, the total income of Catalonia till the end of 2013 can make 42 million euros.

From the general fund, 30 % will arrive in city and local budgets, and other 70 % of the income will be directed by the government on improvement of tourist products, services and infrastructure, and as, on advance of Catalonia, as tourist brand.

The tourist tax of Catalonia is calculated on all tourists 16 years which reserve accommodation in hotels, apartments and campings are more senior.

At the moment, if you spend three days in Barcelona in chetyrekhzvezdnochny hotel, you should pay 3,30 euros a tax on the person. For clients of five-stars hotels in Barcelona and the cruising ships the tax makes 2,25 euros in a night from the person. Clients of tourist apartments and campings should pay 65 cents.

The tourist tax in Catalonia is one year old